Support Opportunities

GTi HOPE - Support Literacy

Women’s Literacy

Sponsor one or more women, or sponsor an entire class of 30 women. How many women can you sponsor at $25 per woman?

GTi HOPE - Support UPG

People Group Sponsor Challenge

Impact a people group through literacy, church leader training, and CBS. Monthly donations make it possible for almost anyone to help sponsor a 3-year project for as little as a dollar per day.

GTi HOPE - Support CBS


Encourage children through activities, stories, and songs. Help them learn morals, ethics, and good choices. $1.50 sends a child to CBS for 10 days—and may start them on a journey of full time service.

GTi HOPE - Support Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

Sponsor a sewing machine for a woman in need. $125 can help the poorest women, often widows, provide for their families and contribute to their communities.

GTi HOPE - Support Water Wells

Water Wells

Provide fresh, clean water to a village or community. $1,750 funds a quality borewell that brings clean water from up to 350 feet deep and can be donated in memory or honor of a loved one. Most projects have at least two villages needing clean water. $3,500 sponsors two borewells.


Study Bibles

Provide a study Bible for a pastor, church leader, or mature Christian. Distribution of a Tamil language Study Bible is a current area of focus. Each Study Bible is $12.50.

GTi HOPE - Support Christian Schools

School Expansion Projects

Build one or more classrooms to help expand an established English-teaching, high quality, school which will shape the next generation of leaders.

GTi HOPE - Support Bibles

Scripture Distribution

$5 per Bible, $12.50 per study Bible.

GTi HOPE - Support Church Planters

Church Leader Training Project

Your gift of $3,600 sponsors a student through a 1 year church leader training program, teaches 30 adults to read through 10-month literacy class, send 500 children to CBS, and distributes scripture.

GTi HOPE - Support Village Rehabilitation

Village Rehabilitation Project

Each two year project transforms a village through intensive literacy classes and self empowerment skill training for 500 adults. Includes construction of a community hall which serves several villages. $16,000 over two years.