Support Opportunities

Matching Ministry Gift Challenge

Train and equip 48 church leaders, sponsor 2,000 men and women for literacy and empowerment, and help transform at least 20 villages.  The impact of your gift will be doubled as gifts are matched up to $54,000.

GTi HOPE - Support Literacy


Sponsor one or more women, or sponsor an entire class of 30 women. How many women can you sponsor at $25 per woman?

GTi HOPE - Support UPG

People Group Sponsor Challenge

Impact a people group through literacy, church leader training, and CBS. Monthly donations make it possible for almost anyone to help sponsor a 3-year project for as little as a dollar per day.

GTi HOPE - Support CBS


Encourage children through activities, stories, and songs. Help them learn morals, ethics, and good choices. $1 sends a child to CBS for 10 days—and may start them on a journey of full time service.

GTi HOPE - Support Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

Sponsor a sewing machine for a woman in need. $125 can help the poorest women, often widows, provide for their families and contribute to their communities.

GTi HOPE - Support Water Wells

Water Wells

Provide fresh, clean water to a village or community. $1,500 funds a quality borewell that brings clean water from 100 to 350 feet deep.

GTi HOPE - Support Rickshaw


Provide a bicycle rickshaw as part of self-help training. $200 helps improve the financial stability of a family, church, and community.

GTi HOPE - Support Christian Schools

School Expansion Projects

Build one or more classrooms to help expand an established English-teaching, high quality, school which will shape the next generation of leaders.

GTi HOPE - Support Bibles

Scripture Distribution

$5 per Bible, $12 per study Bible.

GTi HOPE - Support Church Planters

Church Leader Training Project

Your gift of $3,600 sponsors a student through a 1 year church leader training program, teaches 30 adults to read through 10 month literacy class, send 500 children to CBS, and distributes scripture.

GTi HOPE - Support Village Rehabilitation

Village Rehabilitation Project

Each two year project transforms a village through intensive literacy classes and self empowerment skill training for 500 adults. $15,000 over two years.