We value the support of volunteers seeking to serve with their skills, talents, and time. If you have a heart for sharing, if you want to have your heart enlarged, or if you want to make a difference for good, please consider helping us make more ministry happen.

How you can Help!

1. Social Media Expert

Promote GTi HOPE through social media (Facebook, Instagram, …)

2. Become a liaison

Become the liaison for your church, school, business, or organization to help raise awareness.

3. Raise Funds

Creatively raise funds to teach adults to read ($25/adult) or send children to CBS ($1/child)

4. Bring Awareness

Join a team intent on raising awareness and bringing hope to the hopeless.

  • Organize a Zoom event for an online presentation with friends living throughout the U.S.

  • Host a Home event for friends and associates, giving them the opportunity to make a difference for good.

  • Help with our annual banquet or learn how to build a team and host a banquet in your area.

1. Luke 19 Project – Parable of the Talents

  • GTi HOPE provides seed money of $10 per participant

  • Pastor preaches sermon on Luke 19 – parable of the talents

  • Participants urged to grow the $10 over 3 months (yard sales, bake sales, car washes, dinners, use your imagination…)

  • Funds collected at end of three months are returned to GTI to fund ministries (literacy courses, ambassador training, CBS, water wells, etc)

  • Allows participants to see God work in their lives as He blesses their efforts

  • How many lives, families, and communities will be transformed because of your efforts?

2. Collect Spare Change for CBS – $1/child

  • Involves everyone from children in Sunday School through High School and adults

  • Every dollar sends one child to CBS

  • How much can your congregation raise in 4 weeks? 8 weeks? 12 weeks?


Are you skilled in researching or writing grants?

We are interested in partnering with foundations with a common focus for making a difference for good.

We can use volunteers to search for grants and write grant requests for empowering women, literacy, water wells, and enlarging schools in India.

If you are experienced in this area, or if you are a foundation interested in supporting our ministries, please email Byron or call (909) 957-9352.