Literacy Transforms Lives

Dr. Joyce Scott, a 50-year missionary, developed a literacy ministry in which classes of 30 adults meet 2 hours per night, 5 nights per week for 10 months. Of students completing the program, many can read at a 5th grade level.

Literacy classes teach students to help themselves Self-help skills are taught along with basic instruction in finance. Daily wages frequently increases 70% or more after literacy.

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  • Basic health & personal hygiene

  • Nutrition & Proper diet

  • Community sanitation

  • Family relationships

  • Pre- & post natal care

  • Self-help skills-financial improvement

  • Political rights

  • Government programs for the poor

  • AIDS, leprosy, and alcohol awareness

  • Importance of sending children to school

  • Benefits of stopping child marriages.

  • Morals and ethics

Each graduate is given their own book.

Communities are uplifted

  • Many villages receive roads, electricity, and bus stops for the first time.

  • Students learn forestry and hundreds of trees are planted to help the ecosystem.

  • Students form cohorts for saving money and working together in dairy, agriculture, and other micro-enterprises.

  • Women become involved in village politics and many women begin earning income for the first time.

The success rate is phenomenal

Over 90% of those enrolling in the literacy classes complete the 10-month program.

The program multiplies itself as 30% of graduates commit to teaching up to 5 others to become literate.

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% of students
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% of graduates
give back by committing to teach others to read
Literacy, education, and increased awareness helps reduce child marriages

UNICEF report, March 6, 2018, Read full report

Types of Literacy Programs

Educating women is a priority. When a woman is educated the whole family is educated. Becoming literate immediately empowers these women, putting them in a position where they know their rights as citizens.

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Literacy is a key component to people group projects. Over a three year period, 750 adults attend literacy courses.

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Village Literacy Rehabilitation Projects (VLRP) is a 2 year project meant to change and develop the whole community while regular literacy work concentrates on 30 illiterates and their families.

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Teaching one adult to read transforms their life as well as the lives of their family and community.

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