You are invited to be a blessing and transform individuals, families, and communities by providing opportunity and hope for a better future through literacy, strategic education, and empowerment.

We support ministries that help move people from oppression to a place of hope and a brighter future.

Year End Support for Women’s Literacy!

As we approach the end of 2021, we are very grateful for the reports recently received from our partner. Despite COVID delays, literacy programs started in 2020 had a tremendous impact on lives, families, and communities. Lord willing, another 12,600 women will be sponsored for literacy programs in 2022.  Sponsor women for literacy…

COVID Continues to Impact our Partner’s Revenue

Thank You to many of you who have helped support our partner’s staff throughout this pandemic. Our partner’s in-country revenue from scripture distribution continues to be too low to support their staff. Your gift can help bridge the gap they are experiencing.


Your Impact

Meet Kumari, a typical story of a woman whose life, family, and community have been transformed by the generous donations of people like you

GTi HOPE - Icon - Waterwell
Borewells (water wells) sponsored for villages since 2009
GTi HOPE - Icon - Sewing Machine
Sewing machines sponsored for women
GTi HOPE - Icon - Literacy
Women sponsored for literacy classes over last 5 years
GTi HOPE - Icon - People
People Groups have completed 3 year project

Thought of the Day

Every Christian Can Give to God - Dr. William Scott
Receiving a gift is good - giving one is better.


Together, we can make a difference for good and bring hope to the hopeless!