Monthly Gifts Multiply Hope!

Our Hope Builders community are partners who commit to bringing hope to the hopeless on a monthly or regular basis. Monthly gifts bring hope to a new person every month! Building hope through every literacy class, every day, for students, their children, their families, and their communities. Building the students’ hope for today, tomorrow, and for the future.

Hope Builders are a special part of the GTi HOPE community!

With your faithful support each month, you will have the opportunity to follow one or more students as they progress through a literacy class or church leader training.

Join our Hope Builders Community!

Two Options for Hope Builders:

Women’s Literacy Programs – every $25 sponsors a woman for a 10-month literacy class!

  • $25 per month sponsors 12 women a year.
  • $50 per month sponsors 24 women per year.
  • $100 per month sponsors 48 women per year.

3 Year People Group Programs – $30 to $900 per month

  • Every $30 monthly gift sponsors a share of a 3-year people group project.
  • $900 per month sponsors an entire project.
  • Any amount is a blessing!
  • Over three years, 750 men and women attend literacy programs in 15 to 25 villages, 12 church leaders are trained, and 1,000 children attend VBS.
  • Local indigenous church benefits as members are trained as literacy teachers and church leaders.
  • Bring Hope to individuals, families, and communities through literacy and the message of peace.

Looking for Joy Through Literacy

Narasaveni reading from Primer Book 1 in 3rd month of literacy class.

Month 3 of Literacy Class for Narasaveni

Hope Builders follow Narasaveni’s progress through literacy class with monthly updates.

At 30 years old, Narasaveni already felt hopeless and anxious about her life. She and her husband and two daughters live together in a one room mud hut with a palm leaf roof. Narasaveni’s husband, Gangaraju, is an alcoholic and addicted to smoking and gambling. He and Narasaveni work as agricultural day laborers, and their wages are insufficient to support their family.  His addictions consume so much of their income that they can barely survive.

Narasaveni explained, with tears, that “there is no peace in the family. Gangaraju drinks every day, and comes home and beats me for no cause. I am crying and crying.” She despaired, feeling as though there was no hope for change in her circumstances.

When the literacy class began in her village, for the first time, she felt hope. She joined the program, and is learning to read, to do basic arithmetic, and writing small words. She practices her reading by trying to read sign boards. She has worked hard on her lessons and is now studying Primer Book #1.

When she shared about her circumstances with the literacy teacher, he and the other students prayed for her and are asking God to deliver Gangaraju from his bad habits and behavior so that Narasaveni can find joy.

Please join them in praying, “that peace prevails in the family of Narasaveni.”

Build hope faithfully through monthly kingdom investments.

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  2. In the drop-down menu for Frequency, select Regularly, then Monthly and choose a convenient date.
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