Schools Impact Children & Families

High quality schools often obtain a strong reputation for excellence, and families of all faiths are anxious to enroll their children.

Children not only get a quality education in reading, writing, math and science, but they also learn morals, ethics, and spiritual disciplines at the English-medium schools. Frequently lessons learned by children through the school transform family relations and attitudes.

The schools are a great example of Dr. Scott’s plan to recycle donations to squeeze the most ministry possible out of every dollar.

When you support school expansion in a community,

  • More grades are added to quality English medium schools, providing education for the next generation of leaders.

  • Instead of paying back a loan, the school commits to sponsor literacy classes and/or ambassador training for five years out of the increased tuition.

A typical classroom costs $12,000 to build. By using tuition proceeds available by accommodating more students, not only is a classroom built, but over five years surrounding communities experience educational, economic, and spiritual uplift.

In many cases, the school administration continues to sponsor teaching ambassadors beyond the five year commitment. In at least one case, a school has continued to sponsor classes of teaching ambassadors for over 20 years.

Multiplying Effect of School Expansion Projects

Contact us to learn how school expansion projects have impacted communities and about current projects.


Help children receive a quality education and develop the next generation of leaders.

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