Trained Church Leaders Renew Communities

Church leaders encourage community improvement by visiting homes, leading home fellowships, providing emotional well-being, spiritual uplift, and teaching others. They are trained to be self-sufficient and commonly have multiple streams of income. They are also trained to be self-replicating and are committed to a lifetime of service.

Leaders are trained for a year including 3 months of classroom work and 9 months of field work.

Each month of classroom work includes 100 hours of study and is followed by three months of practical implementation visiting with families and community leaders.

The Impact of Church Leaders

Our indigenous partner has been training church leaders since 1985. Contact us for details about training and results.

A full training class for 12 church leaders is $12,000 and impacts thousands of people and several communities.

Sponsors receive pictures and bios of church leaders, the location where they are serving, and a brief description of the community.

A report on the progress of the class of church leaders is sent every four months during the year of training and a final report is sent after the training is complete.

Each church leader delivers a message of peace, hope, truth, and love.

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