Kingdom Investments Pay Dividends for Eternity

Investing in the Kingdom of God through GTi HOPE produces treasures in heaven – spiritual fruit – that pays dividends for eternity.  Gifts supporting Bible-content literacy classes and unreached people group projects will result in people discovering hope and home fellowships being formed.  There is a strong probability that you will meet people in heaven who are there because you made a difference for good.

Every $25 sponsors a woman for literacy.  $100 will sponsor 4 women for Bible-content literacy courses. $750 will sponsor an entire class of 30 women.

GTi HOPE - Support Church Planters

$100 per month will sponsor a portion of a people group project and sponsor 10 children per month for Children’s Bible School

$1,000 per month will sponsor an entire people group project, borewells for two villages, and sewing machines for 10 women.

Compassion, Love, Peace, and Hope.