Matching Gift Doubles Your Impact!

Friends of GTi HOPE have offered a $54,000 matching gift challenge to promote ministry and help us add more partners. When matched, the combined $108,000 will sponsor 4 Village Literacy Rehabilitation Projects (VLRP) and train 48 church leaders.

These 4 VLRPs will have a combined impact of seeing:

  • 2,000 men and women attend all-encompassing literacy classes for 12 months.
  • 20+ villages impacted with social, economic, educational, environmental, community, and spiritual benefits.
  • Construction of 4 community centers to be shared by several villages.
  • Extended impact will benefit thousands of people in many ways.

Each VLRP spans 2 years and includes:

  • 12 months of holistic literacy classes (5 nights per week, 2 hours per night).
  • 25 students per class provides a low teacher-to-student ratio.
  • Income generation training classes focused on empowerment and encouraging savings.
  • Awareness training for micro-enterprise loans to start businesses and grants to improve quality of life, as well as provide roads, electricity, and bus stops for villages.
  • Social and community improvement classes focused on health, environment and family well-being.

In addition, 48 church leaders will be trained in sharing the message of peace, hope, and love, changing the outlooks of thousands of people.  Training includes 3 months of intense classroom study and 9 months of field work. Each church leader has a goal of reaching 1,000 families during the year of training.

They are trained to be self-sufficient and self-replicating, and they are committed to a lifetime of service.

These projects are scheduled to start in November 2021, so there is an urgent need to raise $54,000 as quickly as possible.

This program is intended for new friends and over-and-above giving for our existing partners. Please prayerfully consider making a special and significant gift, and share this opportunity with others. We would love to meet with you individually or as a group to hear your story and share more about this great opportunity to make a difference for good.

Your one time gift has a tremendous impact when doubled:

$100 gift sponsors 4 VLRP students and 1 month of church leader training.

$500 gift sponsors 19 VLRP students and over 5 months of church leader training.

$1,000 gift sponsors 37 VLRP students, and over 10 months church leader training.

$2,500 gift sponsors 93 VLRP students and trains 2 church leaders.

$5,000 gift sponsors 187 VLRP students and trains 4 church leaders.

Other – any gift is doubled, making a difference for good, and brings hope to the hopeless!

Chellamal and her Goats

A Matching Gift Helped Grow Her Herd of Goats

Some of the funds for a VLRP provide matching grants to literacy students to encourage them to save money.

Chellamal had a few goats to run her family. Unfortunately, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she had to sell some of her small flock to pay for his treatment. Their only income was dramatically reduced, creating a financial crisis for the family. The fear of losing husband because of his ill health and fear of losing income created hopelessness for Chellamal.

When a VLRP came to her village, Chellamal started regularly attended the night classes. She and the other literacy students not only learned how to read and write, but also about the importance of savings.  They were encouraged to save through a matching grant provide through the VLRP. With the help of this matching grant, she was able to purchase a goat. As days and years passed, Chellamal developed a big herd of goats. She feels happy as she is now able to support others in her village and her own family through the initial support that she received from matching grant.

Education, Empowerment, Uplift, Truth, and Hope.